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Our Team

I would like to introduce some of our hard working wonderful team, they are all full time employees, they are truly talented local men and women, coming together to be part of our tara family, They where born and raised in the very same villages you will visit, giving an awesome in-sight into how the locals go about there daily lifes,  i started the Tara boat company some 15 years ago, when on holidays I went out to the floating villages and discovered an old semi sank riverboat, so impressed by the floating villages I decided to refloat the old girl (Tara Boat) and give her a new lease on life, some 15 local men and women and 16 weeks of hard work, the tara riverboat was again ready for service, what started with just one boat has now grown to some 8 boats and over 30 staff,
For me its been a life long passion to build and restore boats, (my first boat I built as a 7 yo) ok it did sink, but the excitement and experience I gained was awesome and stayed with me my entire life, our aim is to provide our guests with an adventure and discovery of the many floating villages and lakes/rivers Cambodia has to offer, our priorities are:
> Safety
> Adventure
> Enjoyment
> Educational
> Fun
> Sustainable/eco friendly
And at all time being professional in what we do, all our staff welcome you to Cambodia and wish you a safe and happy travel experience.
All our tours are inclusive with no more to pay. No hidden fees, no scams. One guest we go. All our team will ensure you to best trip possible.