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Our Team

I would like to introduce some of our hard working wonderful team, they are all full time employees, they are truly talented local men and women, coming together to be part of our Tara Riverboat family, They were born and raised in the very same villages you will visit, giving an awesome in-sight into how the locals go about their daily lives,  i started the Tara boat company some 20 years ago, when on holidays I went out to the floating villages and discovered an old semi sank riverboat, so impressed by the floating villages I decided to re-float the old girl (Tara Boat) and give her a new lease on life, some 15 local men and women from the floating villages and 16 weeks of hard work, the Tara riverboat was again ready for service, what started with just one boat has now grown to some 8 boats and over 67 staff,
All our Staff where either born in the floating villages, Kompong Phluk, we have staff born in Kompong Khleang and also Prek toal, so as you can see, they are from the same villages you will visit, giving our guests an adventure and discovery cruise tour of the many floating villages and lakes/rivers Cambodia has to offer, our priorities are:
> Safety
> Adventure
> Enjoyment
> Educational
> Fun
> Sustainable/eco friendly

Seeing our staff grow and knit together over the years has been a traffic experience, i love to reflex back to those early days, i consider our team more of a family, Cambodian folks are the kindest people i have ever found, an absolute pleasure. (From our founder Peter John) 

When our staff are not busy with tours, we  spend our time cleaning up the Tonle Sap lake and rivers, old car and bike tyres are a big problem, so now we convert them into unique chairs and tables, some you will see on some of our boats, recycle is far better than landfill.

All our tours are inclusive with no more to pay. No hidden fees, no scams. One guest we go. All our team will ensure you to best trip possible 

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